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Liminal World: Canada (running a small family business as community project) From an early age, Gina Marrelli knew she wanted to work something that was about helping people and serving communities, so she took steps into that direction. She first studied Community, Family and Child Support and then Sociology; she volunteered in different organizations and… Continue reading Liminal World:Canada

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An expedition called self-publishing

( Napomena: ovaj tekst je napisan na engleskom jeziku. U nedostatku vremena objavljujem ga u originalnom obliku. Namera mi je da ga prevedem na srpski prvom prilikom). Before the time of Covid-19, I used to go to the local cafeteria once a month and listen to various writers sharing their stories. After self-publishing my book… Continue reading An expedition called self-publishing

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Liminal World: Canada

Liminal World: Canada (from knowing and valuing yourself to finding your place in the world) When Gabriela Casineanu immigrated from Romania, Europe to Canada in 2003 she was prepared for the transition. "Canada matches my personality" she said, explaining that she felt comfortable jumping into brand new career and life opportunities. After finding that she… Continue reading Liminal World: Canada