Liminal World

Liminal World: Canada

Liminal World: Canada (from knowing and valuing yourself to finding your place in the world)

When Gabriela Casineanu immigrated from Romania, Europe to Canada in 2003 she was prepared for the transition. “Canada matches my personality” she said, explaining that she felt comfortable jumping into brand new career and life opportunities.

After finding that she was an introvert, Gabriela never looked at herself and the world in the same way. She left her engineering job to become a coach and she devoted herself to helping individuals with their careers or addressing issues within companies and organizations. During the years, she designed and led many workshops and webinars, she held public speeches and collaborated on different projects, she wrote and self-published a bestselling book and afterward a few others, and finally in 2020 launched her Introverts Academy. With all the knowledge and experience she gathered, she offered tools and perspective on how introverts can understand themselves better and be recognized for what they bring to businesses and communities.

Gabriela’s Canadian journey brought many self-discoveries (she became a writer, a mentor, an artist, a speaker) and made her look forward to what the future holds for her.

Although I didn’t know about her until recently, while making this video, I realized I have a fellow companion before me.

Here are the links you can learn more about Gabriela’s work or get in contact with her:
Gabriela Casineanu bookss

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