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Liminal World:Canada

Liminal World: Canada (running a small family business as community project)

From an early age, Gina Marrelli knew she wanted to work something that was about helping people and serving communities, so she took steps into that direction. She first studied Community, Family and Child Support and then Sociology; she volunteered in different organizations and learned from every job and position she held.

It wasn’t until her father mentioned he would like them to open a cafe, when she began thinking how to make a social project out of it. She had many ideas on her own, and she also allowed the community to help her shape it as well.

Today, Gina is a co-owner and manager of Gigi’s Cafe in Victoria BC and every week, she welcomes numerous individuals and groups into her space: writers, musicians, artisans, board game lovers and friends in need.

I was recently in her Cafe as I took part in one of her community events, “Writer’s Open Mic.” It made me interested to learn more about Gina, her business and the transition she went through in the last two years.

More about Gigi’s Cafe and/or its upcoming events on:

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