Liminal World

Liminal World: Canada

Liminal World: Canada (recreating yourself)

For Scott Hamerton Victoria BC was a home for the last 16 years. He spent many great moments there and made friends he held close to his heart. However, there was one longing he couldn’t fulfill, which was to buy his real estate and settle down together with his husband Mel. During the time of Covid-19, something shifted as he decided to make a move across the country and start afresh in Nova Scotia, miles away from his reality.

What has been a common step in many people’s lives, became a long and trembling journey for Scott. Breaking off from longtime friends made him anxious and lonely; being on the road through Canada brought some unexpected and hard realizations; building a new home propelled him to revise some old habits and ways of being. “I need to be a different person,” he said while talking about his newfound Canadian identity, but with everything I heard from him I could see that he was already becoming one.

People usually say, “If the path you take doesn’t challenge you, it’s not growing you.” Scott’s story is a reminder to all of us that growth comes with change, but before change reveals its rewards, it asks us to first be courageous like Scott was, and then trust the process as it is unfolding.

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