Crtice iz života, Kanada

On Trauma and Transformation in “Searching for Persephone”

(A friend of mine had recently published her first book and asked me to be her guest speaker at her book launch. I had a hard time deciding which topic to choose: I admire her courage to follow her inner voice and create such a moving story; within a year and a half she walked… Continue reading On Trauma and Transformation in “Searching for Persephone”

Liminal World

Liminal World: Canada

Liminal World: Canada (cross-cultural journeying) Shannon Perkins Carr is a 3rd generation Canadian, born and raised in Vancouver. Since she was a young adult, she played in bands, wrote songs, and gigged as a musician. As one would guess, she dreamed of going on a tour and performing around the world. Her dream partly came… Continue reading Liminal World: Canada