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Liminal World: Greece

Liminal World: Greece (Art Can Talk)

From an early age, Anna Doxastaki’s life was all about the theatre. As a young child she used to entertain her family by inventing numerous live plays and pretending to be whoever she wanted to be. Later on, she went to study theatre in Athens and learn about different techniques and methods actors use while on stage. Her never-ending love for learning made her move to London where she got chance to explore applied theatre and work with young people from around the globe. But it wasn’t until she stumbled upon drama therapy that she finally felt like she found her professional path.

Anna is a drama therapist from island Crete in Greece, and she is dedicated to use her broad knowledge and practical experience to help people become main protagonists of their lives.

More about Anna and her work on:
tik tok: Annadoxastaki 

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